FAUST Y KAMMANN - al servicio del cliente


Our business
Since 1909 we have been providing solutions for fluid conduction, regulation and control in industrial, hydraulic, pneumatic, air-conditioning and plumbing applications.

Our customers
We advise and collaborate with industrial firms, engineering companies and installers, offering products from the most reputable brands in our sector. With this spirit of service, we continue to supply the best brands and provide the best solutions for our customers.

What distinguishes us from the competition
Our wide range of products and

comprehensive stock catalogue allow us to guarantee the timely provision of the most appropriate solution.

Over 100 years after starting our business activity, we continue to uphold the maxim of always guaranteeing excellent service by providing expert advice and competitiveness thanks to the professionalism of our highly qualified personnel and our use of the latest technology.

The result
We are endorsed by our long history, which has merited the recognition of the sector and the loyalty of our customers.